Becoming A Member

“Come and follow me” Mark 1:14-18

You have come to the point at which you are thinking seriously of becoming a communicant in the Church. This is commonly known as ‘joining the Church’, but that is an error. If you were baptised as a child you were received into the Church then, and have been a member of it ever since, though not a full member – just as you have always belonged to the country of your parents, but are not a full citizen until you reach maturity and receive the right to vote.

To become a communicant is to make the public profession that you are going to be attached to the Church from now on, no longer from mere custom, or because your parents dedicated you to God at your baptism, but because you have taken your stand of your own free will on the side of Jesus Christ. When you can say with all your heart that you acknowledge Him as your Saviour and Master and are determined to live your life by faith in Him, then you ought to come to that sacrament in which His disciples pledge themselves to Him and meet Him in loving communion.

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