We look forward to welcoming folks back weekly to church but to comply with Covid guidelines we have a reduced capacity of 47 and pre booking of all services is now appropriate as more people wish to return to worship.  Please contact Jean Gray to pre book attendance and Jean will operate a rotation system should capacity be reached.

The Wednesday service will take place in Livingstone Memorial on 19th May '21 at 10.00am. Again, pre booking to attend these services should be done by contacting Jean Gray

Sporting Memories continues to meet via zoom every 2nd Wednesday.  Our next Zoom meeting is on 26th May ’21.  Please log on to the website if you are interested. 

Sporting Memories Foundation is running a Rugby Special Fundraising Event online on 27th May 2021. If interested, sign up for the event here:

You are all in our thoughts and prayers as we move forward.