Sunday, 16th May 2021           

I hope you and your family are well.

We continue to welcome folks back weekly to church and to comply with Covid guidelines we have a reduced capacity of 47 and pre booking of all services is now appropriate as more people wish to return to worship.

Please contact Jean Gray to pre book attendance and Jean will operate a rotation system should capacity be reached. You should have received a letter with all the details members will require around booking in for future services.

The Wednesday service will take place in Livingstone Memorial on 19th May ‘21 at 10.00am. Again, pre booking to attend these services should be done by contacting Jean Gray.

All services will be streamed live on Facebook and will be uploaded to YouTube.

The Kirk Session will meet on Monday, 7th June ’21 at 6.30pm via Zoom.

Andrew (our organist) and Rachel Cuthbert-Henderson are setting up a Bible study group with aims to begin after the summer. It will be exploring lots of different paths within the Bible, from the history and context of when it was written, to modern interpretations which affect our life today.

Anyone who is interested in keeping up to date with plans for this class please leave details (full name, email address, contact number) with either Andrew, Murdo, Elaine Hull or Jean Gray. It will be open to all, and we want to encourage everyone with an interest to come along.

Also, anyone who wishes to share their musical gifts, whether it is playing an instrument, singing, or even writing music, please let the organist Andrew know. We are keen to have more members of the band to enhance worship on a Sunday morning.

Sporting Memories continues to meet via zoom every 2nd Wednesday.  Our next Zoom meeting is on 26th May ’21. Please log on to the website if you are interested.

Sporting Memories Foundation is running a Rugby Special Fundraising Event online on 27th May 2021. If interested, sign up for the event here:

Please take care and may God’s blessing surround us all.   

The Haven Centre:-  The Haven aims to support the quality of life of its clients supporting them to live life positively and with hope. The Haven continues to provide emotional support to individuals, their families and carers, who are affected by life limiting illness, including those who are in the Covid-19 shielding and high risk categories due to underlying health conditions. Those whose emotional health and wellbeing challenges are impacted and further exacerbated by the effects of the ongoing covid-19 crisis and who may be experiencing loss, grief and bereavement. A range of Digital Support Services, including The Wellbeing Support Line, Digital Downloads and Attend Anywhere Sessions, are available to any new, previous and existing clients. Families can access Haven services without need of medical referral and all services are provided free of charge. Our Wellbeing Support Line is open from Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. Tel: 01555-811846. For more information on how The Haven can support you in your role and/or your patients please call 01555-811846, visit or email                                                                   

Representatives of the three Blantyre Churches with the moderator of the Church of Scotland :- 
Representatives of the three Blantyre Churches with the moderator of the Church of Scotland. From left to right it is: Robert Menzies (St Andrew's); Andy Williamson (St Andrew's); The Moderator (Very Rev Susan Brown); Bill Calder (Livingstone Memorial) and Ian Proudfoot (Old).

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